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Hi, this is Anni and Timo! We are two young adventurers from Bavaria in Germany – continually striving to live a sustainable life and to make the world a better place. An eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle is next to the insatiable wanderlust, our biggest passion. Our primary goal is to have the opportunity to earn our life by doing what we love – exploring, photographing, and blogging!

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My early years

I am a 20ish girl, grown up in a small village in the south of Bavaria with my parents and my sister Lisa. Thanks to my good upbringing, I’ve had the perfect childhood and spent most of the time outdoors– playing in the mud, running through vast fields and plashing in the nearby lake.


I went to high school in Tutzing at the Starnberger Lake and finished school in 2014. After one year of working at a fashion label in Munich, I started my studies in Health Science (B.Sc.) at the Technical University in Munich (TUM). Besides the university, I had several jobs – at a fashion store, a café, a start-up, and at the chair of Preventive Pediatrics. In Autumn 2018, I finished my Bachelor of Science in Health Science.

My sports

Since I was a child, I have always been doing a lot of sports! At first vaulting and horseback riding, then acrobatic for 12 years and after school, I started with cheerleading, running, and fitness.  Casually I was skiing, hiking, surfing, diving, SUPing, and cycling. In 2018 I did my first half-marathon with Timo. Fun is my priority for doing any sport, and I am consistently curious to try out new sports!

Health and Nutrition

I have always been interested in health, nutrition, and sports. In my studies, I have already learned a lot about public health and prevention, but the final trigger point in my life was the decision to change to a plant-based diet. This step led me to focus more on the correlation between nutrition and health, not only treatment and health. It fascinates me how little changes in our daily habits can have vast effects on our whole life!

My adventures

My parents went on many holidays with my sister and me. They showed us already many different continents, countries, and cultures! This aroused a great urge to discover the world in me! Nevertheless, the urgent state of global warming made me change my way of traveling towards a more sustainable way.



Hi, I am Timo – obviously! I am a 23-year-old dude raised by my lovely parents in Munich, Bavaria. Fortunately, I have the best bro I can imagine who is always up for some fun and the next Marvels movie.


To be honest, the school was a pain in the ass for me. 😀 I struggled a lot with the teachers and slept most of the time during German classes. In the end, I still made my degree without any problems, and the world was open for me.


After one year of surfing with my best friends and an internship in a sports and fashion company, I studied Sports Science (B.Sc.) at the Technical University in Munich (TUM). At the time we left Germany, I had to wait two more months to get the results of my Bachelor Thesis –  luckily I passed!


As a child, I wasn’t quite athletic, since I was already 2 meters tall at the age of 16. Then I started working out and became interested in nutrition and big biceps. During university, I did cheerleading with Anni and an amazing team. My biggest goal in sports is to finish an Ironman – but I’m quite far away from it at the moment.

My values

Health, animal rights, as well as our planet, has become more important to me in the last time. These are the 3 reasons why I decided to go plant-based. The correlation of a wholefood plant-based diet and health is like climate change – scientifically approved.

My dream

I love our world, and I love going on adventures. In the past, I was able to travel around the world and visited many remote places. Now, due to the climate crisis, I want to change this travel habit, concentrate on local tourism, and inspire people to do the same.

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