We thrive for the next adventure every day!
Last year we traveled through Southeast Asia for 10 months with our backpacks.
Now we continue traveling and exploring in Bavaria, the Alps, and Europe.
Whether it’s sailing in the sea or hiking in the mountains, we love beeing outdoors.
In this blog we want to share our trips and tours, activities and experiences.
Dare to go on adventures, explore the unknown and open your eyes to experience the uniqueness of our planet!


1. the most popular sights as well as things-to-do and see
2. off-the-beaten-path adventures, hidden-gems and secret tips
3. travel tips & hacks for money-saving, places to stay, packing lists, etc. 
4. comprehensive and honest travel guides (rough and detailed)
5. hotel recommendation, gear tests and other reviews
6. outdoor adventures, action sports and activities 
7. focus on slow traveling and sustainable tourism

To make it easier for you to find the right information, we seperated our adventure posts in 3 categories:

All Adventure Posts: