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The Shortest Travel Guide for Cambodia

After one-month backpacking in Cambodia, we share our best travel tips and personal impressions. In this article, you will find the most essential information like costs, transportation tips, budget-hacks, food info, Dos and Dont’s as well as the top destinations of Cambodia.

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General info about backpacking in Cambodia

How much does traveling in Cambodia cost per day?
We spend less than < $30 per day on average (we tried to stay on a budget).

How expensive is Cambodia compared to the rest of Southeast Asia?
We found Cambodia more expensive than average for South East Asia and/or more expensive than the neighboring countries.

What is the best way to travel through Cambodia?

  • long distances are best traveled by bus (usually you are picked up for free and a long-distance trip costs less than 10$)
  • for short distances, it is best to use a Tuk-Tuk (the “Pass App” is the best app to get an idea of prices and is comparable to the “Grab” app in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia)
Tuk tuk in Cambodia

How much does a boat to the islands of Cambodia (Koh Rong, Sanloem, Koh Ta Kiev) cost?
Boats to the islands cost about 15-20$ including a return trip.

Backpacker hostels and hotels in Cambodia

How much does a night in Cambodia cost?
We spent $3-15 per person per night

  • The islands are more expensive than the mainland
  • The prices on-site are sometimes cheaper than on
  • The North-east is relatively cheap

Local food of Cambodia

What to eat in Cambodia?
In Cambodia, you can find a culinary combination of dishes from the surrounding countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos), but mostly not as good and with fewer spices and herbs.

  • Streetfood is about 1-2$/ meal (fried rice, fried noodles)
  • Cheap local restaurants 2-4$/ meal

Our Cambodian food tips:

  • Amok (The national dish of Cambodia)
  • Cambodian Curry
  • fresh Baguette
  • fresh coconuts and fruits (especially banana, pineapple, mango, watermelon, dragonfruit, papaya
  • …and of course for those who like it: durian!
durian, fruit, tropical
Durian: either you love it or you hate it!

The 9 best backpacking tips for Cambodia

  • Get the online visa before you travel to Cambodia (but look for an official website, there are also some tourist traps!)
  • Get a SIM card (about 3$ for the SIM card only and 1$ on top for 4 GB per week!)
  • Get the Pass App (even if the driver doesn´t want to use the App, try to negotiate a similar price like on your screen)
  • Travel to Cambodia as soon as possible (before the paradise will be destroyed by casinos and big hotels, especially on the islands)
  • Get a good mosquito spray
  • Get a good sun blocker (no micro-plastic and reef-friendly)
  • Bus ride: insist on going to the actual drop-off point (you can find it on! Be aware that the bus companies often collaborate with the Tuk-Tuk drivers and try to kick you out a few kilometers away from the city; ask other locals on the bus, sometimes they are willing to help!
  • Always take warm clothes for the bus rides, the Air-Con is freezing
  • Google the seasonal wind-directions, before deciding on which side of the islands you should to stay (because of the trash coming from the sea)

These 4 things you should not do in Cambodia

  • Don’t rent a scooter in Siem Reap – walk, go by bicycle or by Tuk-Tuk
  • Don’t stay at Sihanoukville (or only if you have to)
  • Don’t expect the busses to arrive on time (we always had delays of 1-3 hours
  • Don’t give money to the kids, we bought crayons instead for example

The top 5 destinations (islands and cities) of Cambodia

(Click on the links check where to stay at the top destinations!)

The 5 Must-see attractions in Cambodia

(The links will send you to accommodations close to the tourist attractions!)

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