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Fitness Motivation: 8 Tips For Your Bikini Body

Sunbathing in a bikini, going for a swim, enjoying beach days… who isn’t looking forward to it? And of course, the most fun is when you feel fit and comfortable in your own body! We have pure fitness motivation here: 8 tips so that you can get started today and achieve your bikini body for summer!

Sponsored by Anita Active: At the end of the article, we have an extra motivation boost for the girls with the perfect sportswear.

girl doing a handstand at a wall
Sometimes you need new motivation to get started

Start now!

How do I overcome my weaker self?

Don’t start tomorrow or today, start NOW! Yes, right before you continue reading, get up and do 30 jumping jacks. Don’t start thinking now, just do it!

3, 2, 1… GO!

Return to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Close your eyes and watch your breath and pulse for 20 seconds. Feel how your circulatory system works faster now and feel the energy boost that starts from it. Open your eyes again.

Feels good, huh?

If you actually can’t do it at the moment because you’re e.g. at work, in the subway or anywhere else, save a “30-jumping-jacks-alarm” NOW, which will remind you as soon as you have a spare minute or are at home.

This little exercise is designed to show you how easy it is to overcome one’s weaker self – by getting started as soon as you want to or asked to do something! Because one says that with every second that you hesitate, the weaker self gets bigger. So when it comes to defeating your inner self, stop thinking!

We all tend to procrastinate – which means to postpone tasks!

If you want to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way to look really good in summer, don’t wait until summer is here! The earlier you start, the more time you have to reach your goal! This will save you an unhealthy crash diet and avoid an undesirable Jojo effect!

Before you read on: Get a pen and a scrap sheet (it doesn’t have to be nice, it should just happen NOW) and note the following:

  • Your goal for this summer (e.g. a 10km run, a sixpack or a 5min plank)
  • Sports you would like to do
  • specific times when you will be training today and this week

Done? Perfect!

Let’s take the last step before we start with our actual fitness motivation. You must have a friend who you know has the same goal as you, or who you know can always motivate you. Call him/her now, say it won’t take long, you just want to ask if he/she would like to do sports with you to get in shape for summer.

Did you call? Maybe even agreed when you meet in the gym or go running? Excellent!

You have already broken down the greatest barrier – namely, to get started! Now it’s about the second hurdle: to keep at it!

We will now explain how you can do it!

Our fitness motivation: 8 tips to get fit for summer

Fitness motivation 1: Find a training partner

Is it too cold outside and just too cozy inside to get up and run or go to the gym?

However, if you have a fixed date with a training partner, then the weaker self will not come at all. You remember: no thinking, no weaker self. Very easy!

You don’t just leave a friend high and dry, so you have no excuse to postpone the training or to give it a miss entirely. Besides, sport is simply more fun together! In addition, you and your training partner can spur and support each other if the motivation should decrease.

Fitness motivation 2: Go out into nature

Get out into the fresh air and nature! Whether it’s a walk, a run, cycling or garden work – fresh air stimulates your mind and provides a real boost of energy!

In addition to home workouts, gym sessions or other indoor sports, plan at least 1-2 outdoor workouts in the fresh air. Outdoor sports leave a completely different feeling than working out in a musty gym.

For example, when you’re out running in the park, you can greet other joggers. The latter strengthens a certain community feeling among runners and gives extra motivation.

Fitness Motivation 3: Integrate motivation and activity into everyday life

Make your bed as soon as you leave it. Why? This is the very first task of the day. If you master it with care, this will trigger a “domino effect” in your head and you will automatically tackle all upcoming tasks on this day with greater motivation.

Stretch your whole body. Why? Everyone who owns a pet has probably noticed that dogs and cats usually stretch after lying down for a long time. A small but effective ritual that should signal the body to switch from regeneration (night/relaxation) to action (day/movement).

Next time take your bike and cycle comfortably to work instead of getting into the crowded subway every day. If your commute is too far, go on foot or bike to the subway, take the stairs instead of the escalator, and stand in the subway instead of sitting. We don’t have to explain the “why” here, do we?! 😉

Take a short walk during the lunch break and after work or go for a lap. Why? Most of us have a very sedentary office routine. A walk gets your metabolism going and clears your head.

Our professional motivation tip: Take another scrap sheet and write down all the moments in your everyday life in which you can integrate movement without much extra time.

blonde sports model doing a knee lift jump wearing anita active sports wear
HIT workouts in the fresh air are simply even more fun

Fitness Motivation 4: Discover new sports and find fun in sports

It doesn’t necessarily have to be jogging or the stepper in the gym! There are so many different sports and opportunities to exercise!

Trying out new sports creates variety in our everyday life and, above all, promotes fun in sports again and again. Many studios have free or inexpensive trial sessions so that you can easily get a taste of new sports and possibly even discover new passions.

blonde sports model wearing Anita Active sports wear
Dancing or Zumba can be a lot of fun and a good workout at the same time!

Ideas for sports, you can try:

  • Kickboxing
  • Volleyball/ Handball/ Basketball
  • Squash/ Tennis
  • Dancing (Jazz, Modern, Ballett, Standard, Latein-Amerikanisch, Rock’n’Roll, Hip-Hop)
  • Crossfit
  • Pole Dance
  • Yoga/ Qi Gong/ Pilates
  • Road cycling
  • Swimming
  • Acrobatic
  • Gymnastics
  • Capoeira
  • Inlineskating/ Longboard/ Skateboard
Blonde girl stretching her leg after a run at a lake
A short run in the morning is a great energy boost for the day

Fitness Motivation 5: Healthy lifestyle instead of crash diet

Physical fitness and a good sense of self do not only come from doing sports. What you eat also has a big impact on your body image and your appearance!

With a strict no-carb diet, you can lose a few pounds in a short time, but you become weaker and more tired every day! Countless diets promise quick results. But they all have one thing in common: they only work for a short time!

However, the goal should be that you are full of energy and feel like you can run a bit further or do a few more reps every day! In the long term, you can only achieve this if you give your body the necessary energy through a balanced and healthy diet.

Fresh lettuce with green leafy beetroot pear and lentils
Fresh vegetables and legumes are not only very healthy, they also help you lose weight

For this, we have a few simple nutritional tips for you that you can integrate into your everyday life in the long term. In the following two blog posts, we explain how you can make healthy eating your new lifestyle:

Fitness motivation 6: listen to your favorite music

Sometimes you just prefer to train alone or without talking. The right music can be a real motivational booster!

Put your individual motivational playlist together with your absolute favorite songs and you will see that the training goes by in no time. Alternatively, you can listen to audiobooks or podcasts when you go for a walk or run!

blonde girl running on a pier wearing the Anita Active sports bra and tights
Make a playlist of your favorite songs as a mood booster

Fitness motivation 7: rest and sleep

In addition to the right nutrition and regular exercise, healthy sleep and relaxing breaks are just as important for good self-confidence, a lot of energy and ultimately a great body shape!

Did you know that the body runs to fat when stressed?

Only those who take breaks and allow their bodies and minds to rest, can go full throttle again! Everyone needs a different amount of sleep, usually between 6 and 9 hours. After particularly stressful days and intensive sports, your sleep needs can also increase.

blonde girl doing the yoga pose extended triangle pose
Yoga is great for clearing your mind after a stressful day at work

Here are the main factors that affect your sleep:

  • Sleeping pattern: Ensure regular sleep and wake up times.
  • The temperature in the bedroom: Many people sleep at too warm temperatures, sometimes less is more here.
  • Open/closed curtains: If you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, sleeping with the curtains open can help. Daylight will slowly awaken your body.
  • Sufficient fresh air: You can either sleep with the window tilted/open or ventilate again just before you go to bed.

It is best to try out how many hours of sleep you feel optimally recovered. It is very important that you do not allow yourself to be influenced by others.

“I only sleep 4 hours on average, you just have to get used to it!” “I need at least 10 hours, otherwise I won’t get out of bed.”

You hear such sentences again and again. However, the amount of sleep you need, depends heavily on your individual genetics and, above all, on your everyday life. Your need for sleep can only be changed to a very limited extent without taking long-term health risks.

Our afternoon sleep tip: Drink one espresso and then make a power nap! To do this, set an alarm clock after a maximum of 20 minutes. The serotonin when you wake up and the caffeine from the espresso work like a double booster! So you get through long days without tiredness.

blonde girl doing high knee jump outside in a park
Workouts in the fresh air are a great mood booster!

Fitness Motivation 8: Exercise as your new lifestyle drug

Most people see sport as something that has to be done to get or stay in shape.

But how about seeing sport as an opportunity to clear your mind and leave work behind? During sports, a great mix of hormones flows through your body! Endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, etc. are released in your bloodstream, which ensures a real mood boost!

blonde girl stretching her back and leg
Even a few minutes of stretching can get your circulation going

Did you know that hormone release during exercise can have an effect similar to that of a drug?

When you have reached this point of seeing sport as something great, nothing is holding you off a long-term active lifestyle. The easiest way to achieve this level is, of course, with a sport that you really enjoy!

Who does not know that time flies when you really like doing something and time passes by incredibly slowly with things that you don’t enjoy? Find a sport that you enjoy!

Blonde female sports model wearing Anita Active sports bra and tights
Sport always leaves a great feeling of satisfaction

Extra motivation boost for the girls with the perfect sports clothing

Comfortable and functional sportswear is, of course, important! I (Anni) was able to test some products of the brand Anita Active and this my estimation for you :

Tights with massage effect

I’ve never had nubby leggings! The Sport Tights Massage massages and tonnes tissue and muscles during the workout and thus ensures better circulation and regeneration after the workout. Important: Squat-approved and Sweat-approved! You don’t have to worry about see-through fabric or sweat stains.

Move your body not your boobs

I think there is nothing more annoying than a sports bra that keeps riding up, where the straps rub, or nothing stays where it should stay. Eventually, you don’t want to concentrate on your boobs, but on sports.

I tested the Extreme Control for running and HIT workouts. And I tell you: nothing moves at all! Nevertheless, the sports bra is very comfortable to wear and does not squeeze or pinch.

female sports model running at the banks of a Bavarian lake
Running is a classic workout: it’s for free and you can do it anytime, anywhere

I wore the Air Control Deltapad during yoga and for normal gym workouts. You have full mobility and with the V-cut combined with the mesh in the middle, you do not sweat so much.

female sports model wearing Anita Active sports wear
The new collection of Anita Active comes in beautiful colors and designs

All in all, I have to admit that, in truth, I’ve never worn such a comfortable sports bra! I now wear both bras also during the day because they are much more comfortable than normal bras. I always recognize a good (sports) bra by forgetting to wear one, haha. 😉

blonde sports model wearing the Anita Active sports bra in rose
Honestly, I’ve never had more comfortable sports bras than Anita Active’s

Important facts about Anita

Since we only want to recommend good products to you, every brand that we represent here on our blog has to meet a few criteria. We want to know exactly how a company works before we write about it. Here we have summarized all relevant information about ANITA for you:

  • The products are manufactured in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Thailand and Myanmar.
  • All manufacturing facilities in the different countries are company-owned factories.
  • All companies have clean, bright and hygienic workplaces with optimal climatic conditions (particularly relevant in Thailand and Myanmar).
  • All locations are not located in typical commercial areas, but somewhat outside in nature.
  • Every day there are warm meals, regular breaks and a fair holiday model for all employees.
  • There is no work on public holidays and weekends. All employees are entitled to medical care and support in the event of illness.
  • ANITA has been a traditional family business with its headquarters in Brannenburg, Upper Bavaria, since 1886.
  • The parcels are sent without plastic.

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