Nutrition is probably the most effective way to solve some of the biggest challenges of the 21. Century
Therewith we speak of major human diseases, climate justice, and animal welfare
We hope we can contribute to a better future for all of us by promoting the idea of a healthy diet, low in required resources, and respectful to all living beings.

The best diet provides energy for you and pleasure for everybody.

The 9 principles of the "ideal" diet


In general we believe in
“three laws of a healthy diet”

1. Diversity:
The more variation on your
daily plate, the more likely
it is to get all essential nutrients.

2. Replacement:
You have the choice: choose those foods that are best for you!
One should always
seek for the healthiest
option available.

3. Sources
Select high-quality
food sources, which
provide all required nutrients
but show the least correlation
to the most common diseases.


Three rules of an
environmentally friendly diet

1. Region and season
The more regional
and seasonal the better
for the environment.

2. Resources
Some foods require more
resources than others.
The foods with the least
resources required
should be most favored.

3. Waste and chemicals
Avoid food waste whenever possible.
Organic products are better
for you and the environment.


Food has a price,
life doesn’t.

1. Fairtrade
Fairtrade should be standard: 
good salary, humane working conditions and workers safety.

2. Animal rights
No living being should suffer
for someone else’s pleasure.
Say “No” to killing, abuse, and exploitation.

3. Social
Planting, harvesting,
cooking, and eating brings
people together. Make your
sources accessible and meals social.
Always remember: sharing is caring!

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