Our Story

We thought this might be interesting for those of you who are interested in how we came to where we are right now.
Have fun reading about how we escaped our normal life for one year and discovered new passions on the go.

One year ago

One year ago we had no idea about blogging, Instagram and Pinterest. Neither did we realize the urgent need to change our lifestyle dramatically in order to live healthier and more sustainable. We were only two students who wanted to chill at beautiful beaches and share beautiful impressions on social media.

A blog for family and friends

Before we left Germany we decided that Instagram is the best way to keep our friends and families updated, without calling them every day and without having to repeat our stories over and over. So we uploaded daily stories and shared our favorite photos. Additionally, a friend of ours helped us creating our first blog in order to write more detailed blog posts about our journey. All this motivated us to create this new blog and write about things we love to talk about.

Learning Process

Building up a new blog is not that easy though. We started writing in German, as the blog posts were just meant to be read by our German friends and families. Currently, we are learning so much about blogging and it feels like this process is never going to end!

Our Instagram

We started our Instagram as we left Germany for our gap-year to Southeast Asia. After 5 months traveling we counted 3 K followers and from there on started taking it more seriously. We grew our Instagram from 3 K followers to 24 K followers in only 5 months (from March 2019 to August 2019). This little success story motivated us to keep on sharing our interests and experiences online.

Writing for other blogs

This has been part of our travels from the very beginning. We write reviews about travel and outdoor gear, which we tested during our time in Southeast Asia. Our Instagram made waves as well and even more people reached out to us for articles.

Finding our audience

This is still one of our biggest challenges. Everything stays and falls with the audience. We have so many different interests and at the same time, we made radical changes in our lifestyle, which makes it really hard to stick to a certain topic and stay in line.

Still, we strongly believe that there are many of you out there, who have the same interests and thrive to combine them as we do here in this blog.

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