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We love to travel the world with our camera in the hand and strive to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle! Sadly, conventional tourism is a dirty business while climate change resounds across the world. For this reason, we want to inspire for slow and sustainable tourism combined with fitness and plant-based nutrition. We are educated health and sports scientists (B.Sc., TUM). On this website, we want to share our adventures, help you to stay fit and life more sustainable! We want you to see our blog as an engagement platform for a community, who shares the same values and wants to make a difference on this planet.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi

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Singapore Travel Photography

Singapore really surprised us! This cosmopolitan city has to offer modern architecture, clean streets, a huge park, innovative building projects, an Indian quarter and much

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Our Photography Gear

For one year, photography and especially outdoor, portrait and travel photography has been a central part of our lives. Not only we want to immortalize

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