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Review of an Eco-Friendly Hotel: The “Chesa Valisa”

In the middle of Dezember 2019, the eco-friendly “Naturhotel Chesa Valisa” invited us for a 2-nights stay to the beautiful Kleinwalsertal, Austria.  As we love to promote sustainable tourism, the four-star hotel was a perfect match.

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Our journey from Munich to Kleinwalsertal

On a sunny Sunday morning, we started our short trip with a train ride from the central station in Munich to Oberstdorf in Allgäu. The journey from Munich to Kleinwalsertal took us only 3 hours in total and cost only 17€ per person. As we arrived in Hirschegg with the local bus, we had the pleasure to experience the first highlight of our (almost) climate-neutral holiday trip! The hotel’s staff picked us up at the bus station with an electric car.

winter wonderland at Kleinwalsertal in Austria and the mountain Zwoelferkopf
Winter wonderland at Kleinwalsertal

Interesting fact

The “Kleinwalsertal“, also called “Kleines Walsertal” (which you can translate as “small Walser valley“), is located in Austria but only accessible via Germany. The valley is a dead-end-street and lovingly called “the most beautiful dead-end in the world” by its inhabitants. 

Zotter chocolate on the pillow in the Naturehotel Chesa Valisa
Welcome chocolate

The concept of the eco-friendly hotel “Chesa Valisa”

In general, the eco-friendly hotel Chesa Valisa settles its concept on five principles:
1. maintaining unspoiled nature around the hotel
2. healthy living
3. informed approach to eating
4. programs designed to increase vitality, fitness, and health
5. art, culture and social projects

Pink sky during sunset at Kleinwalsertal in Austria
The view from the hotel of Kleinwalsertal and the nearby mountains

The innovative and inspiring concept of the hotel hooked us right away – tourism in harmony with nature and the climate. Therefore the family-run Chesa Valisa combines economic and ecological ambitions. In order to implement this intention, the hotel has a 100% organic restaurant for more than a decade and became the award for “the first climate-neutral hotel in Vorarlberg” in 2019.

The eco-friendly hotel describes its philosophy as the following: 

Mindfulness, sustainability and responsible treatment of the environment and climate, with the focus on incorporating old Walser traditions and offering guests the best regional quality.

Location and how to get to the Chesa Valisa

The Naturhotel Chesa Valisa is located in the “Kleinwalser Valley” with its four towns Riezlern, Mittelberg, Hirschegg, and Baad. As we already mentioned, the Kleinwalser Valley is only reached from Germany, via train/bus or by car. 

snowy hotel area and garden of the eco-hotel Naturhotel Chesa Valisa
The “Chesa Valisa Chalet” and the snowy garden with fruit trees

By car

Traveling by car, the only way is the “B19” (Bundesstraße 19) from coming from the region of “Allgäu” heading to “Oberstdorf”. Continue on the “Walserstraße” until you reach the village “Hirschegg” where the hotel is placed.

By train (the type of transport we chose)

The Chesa Valisa is located about 14 km from Oberstdorf train station in the Allgäu region.

Arriving by train, we directly spotted the bus station, which is located only a few steps from the railway station. We took the WalserBus (mainline 1) “Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal”, which frequently runs in the main seasons (generally at least once or twice an hour).

The bus ride takes around 30 minutes from the train station to the hotel. 

Our room: “Königskerze Komfort”

We had the pleasure to stay in the spacious room “Königskerze Komfort” with a wonderful view of the mountains surrounding the Kleinwalsertal. Coming into the room, we felt at ease right away. Everything looked very new and was super clean. 

hotel room Koenigskerze comfort with balcony at the eco-hotel Naturhotel Chesa Valisa
Our room, the Koenigskerze comfort with private balcony and view of the mountains

The rooms at the eco-friendly hotel are equipped and decorated in a modern and minimalistic style, which we really appreciated. The architecture and design are straightforward, and natural materials are used throughout. The beds are very comfortable, and the bed linen is made of organic cotton. 

double bed at koenigskerze comfort room at Naturhotel Chesa Valisa

Because of the big floor-to-ceiling panorama windows, our room was bright and well-conditioned. Moreover, the room “Königskerze Komfort” comes with a very comfortable bed, a big bathroom, a couch, a table, a TV, and a spacious balcony with a fantastic view. 

purple sky during sunrise at Austria Zwoelferkopf
The view from our balcony during sunrise

There is no Wifi in the room, but to our best knowledge, the hotel offers rooms with Wifi as well. 

Facilities of the eco-friendly hotel Chesa Valisa

The hotel itself is very cultivated and combines tradition with modernity. A great variety of facilities range from fitness and relaxation courses to wellness and spa, to outdoor activities like skiing and hiking. 

The lobby offers much space for working, as well as entertainment and seminar rooms, including a place for kids & youngsters, table tennis, billiard, a tee-station, and endurance trainer for exercising. 

design deck chair behind a window
The perfect place to relax in the afternoon

Activities, wellness and spa 

The Naturhotel Chesa Valisa is an outdoor and wellness hotel with much to discover and experience. Hiking trails and ski slopes start and end at the hotel entrance.

swing deck chairs on a wooden balcony
For all who prefer to take a nap outside

The hotel wellness and spa offers: 

  • Finnish sauna as well as an organic sauna
  • heated outdoor pool all year round
  • classic massages 
  • ayurvedic treatments
  • beauty care
  • packages and baths

As well as yoga and other daily (sport and relaxation) courses.

acro yoga lotus pose
The combination of activity and relaxation makes it perfect

Restaurant and food

regional – organic – fair

In our opinion, one of the hotels’ top highlights is definitely the restaurant. With 100% organic ingredients, the kitchen guarantees food with high-quality ingredients only.

As impressive as the food itself is the restaurant’s design and the combination of old and new.  You can either dine in the traditional 500-year-old farmhouse parlor, which is still in its original state.

original old farmhouse parlor as restaurant of eco hotel Chesa Valisa
The cozy farmhouse-parlor still represents the beginning of the hotel

Or you can enjoy your organic meals in the modern and elegant annex of the restaurant.

dining room of the organic restaurant of Naturhotel Chesa Valisa
The combination of old and new create a home-like atmosphere
cozy dining room with panorama windows at Naturhotel Chesa Valisa
The light-flooded annex with panorama windows is one of the restaurant’s highlights

Especially the room with the panorama windows allows a fantastic view of the Kleinwalsertal and surrounding mountains.

In general, the kitchen was very open to our vegan and plant-based requests, which we really appreciated! We can say this counts for all other food restrictions as well. Every day, you can choose between five different menu options for dinner, from ayurvedic, food combining, and vegetarian to organic meat and fish.

dining table with mounatin view at the organic restaurant of Naturhotel Chesa Valisa
At the Kesslers Walsereck, you can enjoy a delicious organic meal and a fantastic view of the mountains at the same time

Breakfast buffet

The breakfast offers a wide range of mueslis varieties with toppings and special ingredients, as well as a modest array of juices, bread, fruits, ayurvedic paps, compote, jams, honey, and more. Next to the standard ingredients, the buffet also has many vegan (or plant-based) options like soy-yogurt, rice milk, etc..

Even guests from outside the hotel (without room reservations) are invited to have breakfast at the restaurant. 


To our vegan delight, the buffet lunch contains a broad selection of vegetables and bread. Additionally, the kitchen offers cold and warm lunch à la carte. 


For dinner, we had a four-course-menu à la carte. We started with a salad from the buffet again. Then we continued with a delicious hot soup and an ayurvedic main-course. As for dessert, we had an excellent vegan brownie. 

house front of the organic restaurant Kesslers Walsereck in Austria
The “Kesslers Walsereck” is a 100% organic restaurant

The staff of the “Naturhotel Chesa Valisa”

We want to mention the staff at the Chesa Valisa explicitly. The outstanding hospitality made our stay absolutely pleasant. We have nothing to complain about. We are convinced that the team of the hotel is doing a great job by fulfilling the guests’ wishes to their best. 

Extra: climate-neutrality and health

Climate-neutral hotel in Austria

In 2007 the hotel turned into the first organic hotel in the region of Vorarlberg. But the owners didn’t want to stop at this point, and therefore, they made an effort to become also the regions’ first CO2 neutral hotel. 

How they do this

The focus is on energy efficiency.

  • eco-electricity from hydropower and own solar plants
  • warm water from own photovoltaic plants
  • CO2-neutral with district heating mostly produced from wood chips from Walser farmers
  • CO2 emissions are reduced by electric vehicles (including charging stations)
  • E-bikes are available for guests and employees

Innovation and creativity for the climate

In the meantime, 80% of the hotel guests do without their car during their stay. This is attributed to one of the creative innovations of the hotel-owning family:
In case you decide to hand in your car keys during your stay…

  • in the summer season, you get a free parking lot and a free bike rental
  • during winter, you get a discount rate for the hotel’s underground car park and free cross-country ski equipment

On top of that, all year round, you get a piece of regional organic cheese as recognition for the environmentally friendly contribution (not for us vegans though). 


With 2.6 kilograms of CO2 equivalents, the eco-friendly hotel Chesa Valisa is the absolute leader in BIO-HOTELS. This is also due to smart decisions, like leaving off refrigerators in all rooms. 

On top of that, the hotel claims to voluntarily offset the amount of “CO” equivalents through the UN CER Water Project in Mali, a climate protection project and set it aside with emission reduction certificates.


Healthy, sustainable living is an important topic at the eco-friendly hotel Chesa Valisa. Ecological, energy-saving construction and architecture, as well as the natural materials, create a healthy indoor climate.

Summary of our stay at the eco-friendly hotel “Chesa Valisa”

We had a lovely stay at the Naturhotel Chesa Valisa.

To put it in a nutshell, we love the organic and CO2 neutral concept of the eco-friendly hotel. Besides its ambitions for quality and environment, the hotel does an excellent job in terms of hospitality and comfort.

wooden house front of the eco-hotel Naturhotel Chesa Valisa at Kleinwalsertal
Local wood and modern architecture were combined to build the hotel

The eco-friendly hotel Chesa Valisa is located in a picturesque valley that has great service and has much to offer for outdoor activities, wellness, and spa. 

The restaurant was excellent, using 100% organic ingredients only.

We’d return to the hotel in a heartbeat. 

Click here if you’re interested in staying at the “Naturhotel Chesa Valisa”.

Eco-hotel Chesa Valisa with snowy mounatins and bright sun in the background
The “Naturhotel Chesa Valisa” surrounded by the beautiful Alps

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