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Summer Vacation in Warth-Schroecken: 3 Days Outdoor Experience

Outdoor vacation is the trend right now. Being outside, enjoying the fresh mountain air and experiencing adventures – that’s what the perfect outdoor vacation looks like! The two Walser villages Warth and Schroecken have all of this to offer. Although the region is mainly known for the snow masses in winter, Warth-Schroecken is also the perfect base for numerous outdoor activities during summer. You are really spoiled for choice between natural treasures like the Koerbersee (most beautiful place in Austria 2017), adventure activities like canyoning and flying fox and of course countless beautiful hikes, as well as via ferratas with great panoramic views.

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by the tourism board of Warth-Schroecken and contains affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you.

Outdoor vacation in Warth-Schroecken: The breath of the mountains

Whether it’s a sunrise hike up the Wartherhorn, a via ferrata on the Karhorn, or a long hike along the Lechweg – during our outdoor summer vacation in Warth-Schroecken we really enjoyed being active in the mountains!

The summer highlights of the region Warth-Schroecken

  • Nature highlight: Lake Koerbersee (most beautiful place in Austria 2017)
  • Hiking highlight: The Wartherhorn
  • Long distance hiking highlight: The Lechweg trail
  • Via ferrata highlight: The Karhorn
  • Adventure Highlight: Canyoning
Rappelling down a waterfall at the canyoning trip in Warth-Schroecken
Our adventure highlight in Warth-Schroecken: Canyoning

Further outdoor attractions in Warth-Schroecken in the summer

How to get to Warth-Schroecken

The two villages Warth and Schroecken are only a few kilometers apart and are located in the beautiful region of Vorarlberg directly on the border to Tyrol.

ATTENTION: You should not confuse Warth in Vorarlberg (just look for the postal code 6767) with Warth in Lower Austria. For better understanding: In the following text, we write “Landbus” and “Ortsbus”. Translated it would be something like “country bus” and “local bus”.

How to get to Warth-Schroecken by public transport

For those who want to travel to Warth-Schroecken in an environmentally friendly way and therefore want to avoid using their own car, we have listed all potential train and bus connections:

The various train stations near Warth-Schroecken:

  • Train station Dornbirn (about 55 km from Warth-Schroecken): From Dornbirn, you can continue with one of the busses called Landbus 40, the Landbus R1 or the Landbus 40a.
  • Train station Bregenz (about 65 km from Warth-Schröcken): From Bregenz, you continue with the busses called Landbus 35, the Landbus 40 and the Landbus 40a.
  • Train station Reutte (about 60 km from Warth-Schröcken) From Reutte, it goes on with the bus called Regionalbus 110.

Also interesting for summer vacationers:

  • Train station Langen am Arlberg (about 30 km from Warth-Schröcken): From Langen am Arlberg, you can take the busses called Landbus 91 and Ortsbus 3.
  • Train station St. Anton am Arlberg (about 35 km from Warth-Schröcken): From St. Anton am Arlberg you can take the Landbus 92 and the Ortsbus 3.

You can find all information about traveling by train or booking tickets either at or our personal favorite: the route planner of

Yellow bus at the bus station in Reutte in summer
The Regionalbus 110 leaves directly from the train station of Reutte.

How to get to Warth-Schröcken by car

  1. Option: The LechtalstraßeL198 / B 198” via the community of Reutte. This route is recommended for travelers coming from Munich, Stuttgart, Salzburg and Bolzano.
  2. Option: The BregenzerwaldstraßeL200” via Bregenz and Dornbirn. This route is especially recommended for travelers coming from Switzerland or from the direction of Milan.
  3. Option (only possible during the summer!): The Arlberg Pass from St. Anton. This pass is closed in winter.

How to get to Warth-Schröcken from Munich/ Bavaria

By public transport: From Munich, we took the Werdenfels Regionalbahn to the final station Reutte in Tyrol. The journey takes about 2.5 hours. The bus station is located directly at the train station, which makes the connection very comfortable without having to walk long distances. After a waiting time of about 1 hour in Reutte, we took the bus line 110 of the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) for another 1.5 hours to Warth (Dorfplatz). Total travel time: 5 hours

The Werdenfelsbahn in Reutte in summer
The Werdenfelsbahn brings travelers from Munich to Reutte in Tirol

By car: The fastest way is via the A95 to Murnau. However, do not drive all the way to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but leave the motorway at Ettal and drive west through the Ammergau mountains to Reutte in Tyrol. From there, the Lechtal Straße (L198 / B198) leads without other detours to Warth-Schroecken. Travel duration of approx. 2.5 hours

Outdoor vacation in Warth-Schröcken day 1 (arrival day)

Before we start, a quick travel tip: If you stay at Warth-Schroecken for one night or more, you will receive a so-called “Inclusive-Card“. With this card, you can use the hiking buses of the region and the summer mountain lifts for free.

Our program overview:

  • Arrival at the accommodation at about 2 pm
  • Hike to the Koerbersee lake: Start at about 3 pm – return at about 7:30 pm

Arrival in Warth-Schroecken

The size of Warth is very compact and everyone can find their way around easily. For us it was not even 2 minutes from the bus stop Warth (village square) to our accommodation “Haus Hubertus”. Since we like to be as independent as possible, we decided to rent a vacation apartment with a kitchen for our 3-day stay in Warth-Schroecken. However, there are also several hotels in the village.

Körbersee – The most beautiful place in Austria (2017)

Tour dates:

  • Start in Warth (village square) at an altitude of 1490 meters
  • Destination: Lake Koerbersee (2017 awarded as the “Most Beautiful Place in Austria”)
  • Lowest point: 1490 m
  • Highest point: 2010 m
  • Hike Distance: 8,2 km
  • Altitude difference: 520 m
  • Estimated walking time: 2 hours
  • Trail conditions: Mainly mountain hiking trail
  • Difficulty: Easy
Mountain panorama at the Koerbersee lake with green meadows and bright blue sky during summer
Mountain panorama near Lake Koerbersee – Most beautiful place in Austria 2017

During the summer, the Koerbersee lake near Schroecken can be reached via various hiking routes, both from Schroecken itself and from Warth.

We started directly from our accommodation and in the afternoon, we began our 8 km long hike to the Koerbersee lake. Passing beautiful flower meadows (among other flowers, we even saw alpine roses) it took us about 2 hours until we were rewarded with a fantastic view of the Koerbersee lake.

Lake Koerbersee Tip: With its recent increase in popularity due to the award as the most beautiful place in Austria (2017), Lake Koerbersee has become a top-rated destination for many tourists. However, most visitors make their way home between 5 and 6 pm and so you can enjoy this natural beauty in the late afternoon/early evening with just a few other tourists.

Girl runs on a narrow path down to the Koerbersee lake
Anni on the way to the Koerbersee lake

To get back to Warth, you can either go back the same way or you can go to Schroecken. The route to Schroecken is slightly shorter and from there you can take the bus line 40a to Warth. However, you should definitely check in advance when the last bus leaves from Schroecken. For the bus timetable click here.

Outdoor vacation in Warth-Schröcken Day 2

Our program overview:

  • Sunrise hike to the Wartherhorn: Start at about 3:30 am (at sunrise at about 6 am) – return at about 8:30 am
  • Canyoning near Nesslegg: Start approx. 9 am – return approx. 1 pm
  • Flying Fox – unfortunately our adventure was cancelled due to thunderstorms: Actual start approx. 4:30 pm – return approx. 7:30 pm

Sunrise hike to the Wartherhorn

Tour dates:

  • Start in Warth (village square) at an altitude of 1490 meters
  • Destination: Warther Horn
  • Lowest point: 1490 m
  • Highest point: 2184 m
  • Distance: 4,5 km
  • Altitude difference: 700 m
  • Estimated walking time: 2 hours
  • Trail conditions: Mainly mountain hiking trail and alpine terrain
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
On the way to Wartherhorn – the ascent takes about 2 hours

The ascent to the Wartherhorn takes about 1.5-2 hours, depending on your physical condition. If you start from the village square in Warth, there is an altitude difference of about 700 meters on a 4.5 km path along the river Hämmabach, passing the Punschhütte, the mountain railway station “Steffisalp Express” and the ” Wartherhorn Express”.

Getting up early was worth it: We had a breathtaking sunrise on the Wartherhorn!

Solid shoes are definitely recommended for the summit hike, especially at the last section to the mountain pass between the Warther Horn and the Karhorn, as there is mainly alpine terrain. Shortly after the turn left at the mountain pass and about 150 meters before the summit, you have to climb a short section with a wire rope, but you don’t need any climbing equipment.

The perfect start into the day on the Wartherhorn.

Tip for sunrise hikes: Even if you get warm during the ascent in the night and depending on the weather, you might go up in a T-shirt, you should pack warm clothes for the time on the summit (several layers)! The wind, sweat and the early time of the day make you freeze quickly if you are not prepared adequately for it.

Anni is happy about the red sky at the summit cross of the Wartherhorn!

Canyoning and Flying Fox near Nesslegg

After our fantastic start into the day, we continued with a canyoning tour at “Holzschopf” in Nesslegg (located at the Bregenzerwaldstraße between Warth and Schroecken). Holzschopf is a small company that offers outdoor adventures on the one hand and, on the other hand, combines bar, restaurant and apartments all under one roof. Jürgen Strolz, our tour guide (and at the same time owner of Holzschopf), is one of the first people in all of Austria who started with canyoning. His 25 years of canyoning experience means he knows every corner of the creek and the weather conditions in the region like the back of his hand.

One of seven waterfalls on our route

Our canyoning tour started more or less “next door” to the changing room. Jürgen’s self-imposed goal for every canyoning tour is that the participants can rappel down the waterfalls themselves at the end of the tour. With a small group size of just 4 participants, we climbed a total of 7 waterfalls in the watercourse of the “Seebach” within about 2 hours. Some of them are quite high – definitely a real thrill.

In the beginning, we were roped down and later everyone could also rappel down themselves

Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the Flying Fox due to bad weather conditions. But if you are ever in Warth-Schroecken, you should not miss this adventure.

Outdoor vacation in Warth-Schroecken Day 3

Our program overview:

  • Breakfast at the Hochalphütte: We used the Steffisalp-Express at 9 o’clock (alternatively by foot in about 1.5-2 hours) + almost half an hour hike – breakfast buffet until 10:30
  • Climbing route to the Karhorn summit: Start from Hochalphütte at 12:00 noon – return at 5:00 pm (last descent with Steffisalp-Express)

Breakfast at the Hochalphütte

On our third day in Warth-Schroecken, we took it a bit more relaxed in the morning and went with the Steffisalp-Express. Afterwards, we reached the Hochalphuette after a relaxed hike of about 30 minutes.

There we were served a huge breakfast and then had a short nap in a deck chair. At noon, we went on our first real via ferrata: Up the Karhorn!

Fuel up for the Karhorn via ferrata: The Hochalphuette offers a breakfast buffet that we highly recommend

Climbing trail to the Karhorn summit

The Karhorn summit, with its 2,416 meters height, is one of the absolute highlights for summer in Warth-Schroecken. It can be climbed via 3 different climbing routes.

Timo on the climbing route to the Karhorn summit – unfortunately it was so cloudy that we could not enjoy the views.

The oldest climbing route is the east ridge, which has difficulty levels from B to C. The access is located directly at the Wartherhorn saddle (approx. 45 min from the top station of the Steffisalp-Express or the Hochalphuette). From the Wartherhorn saddle it is about 1.5 – 2.5 hours of ascent to the Karhorn summit via the east ridge.

Arrived at the summit cross on the Karhorn – cloudy and still too bright to keep your eyes open for a photo 😉

In 2009, the Karhorn climbing route was extended by the 600-meter-long west ridge. While the east ridge is also suitable for beginners and families with climbing experience, the west ridge (difficulty levels from C to D) should only be attempted by experienced climbers. The west ridge is classically intended as a descent route, the walking time from the summit to the exit point is about 1.5 hours.

Anni at the Karhorn summit in the middle of the clouds

Hotels & accommodations in Warth-Schroecken

Warth-Schroecken has over 100 hotels and accommodations to choose from. Here are our favorites:

Living room with an amazing mountain view of the apartment Haus Hubertus in Warth-Schroecken in Vorarlberg
The panoramic view from the living room of the vacation apartment “Omneshorn

Our accommodation tip for Warth: The “Haus Hubertus”

The Haus Hubertus offers apartments and vacation apartments directly in the center of Warth, with parking spaces for your car and the bus stop literally right outside the door. A fully equipped kitchen, a TV, fast Wi-Fi and a whirlpool bathtub make the vacation apartment a perfect place! We especially appreciated the very nice hospitality of the family Strolz.

The bedroom of the vacation apartment in the Haus Hubertus

Personal accommodation tip: The breathtaking panoramic view apartment “Omneshorn” in the Haus Hubertus!

whirlpool bathtub with mountain view

Hotels and accommodations in Warth

Best rated in Warth: The Bildegg Apartments The ratings for Bildegg Apartments are excellent throughout. The guests especially appreciate the location and the view of the Lech river.

Budget option for Warth: The Biobauernhof (organic farm) Gehrnerhof am Arlberg The guests especially appreciate the location and the breakfast.

Hotels and accommodations in Schroecken

Best rated in Schroecken: The Appartment Doris The accommodation has one of the best ratings in the whole region. An extra highlight for the winter season is the direct connection to the ski slopes.

Budget option for Schroecken: The Bergwelt-M The beautiful location of the accommodation, with its direct connection to the town center of Schroecken, is a special highlight of the accommodation.

Alpine schools & outdoor agencies for your adventure vacation in Warth-Schroecken

Summary of our outdoor vacation in Warth-Schroecken

Our outdoor vacation in Warth-Schroecken was just the right thing to enjoy the breath of the mountains in summer. The region between Arlberg and Bregenzerwald, with its impressive variety and tranquility, can either be an energy booster or slow down your body – depending on what you want. In Warth-Schroecken, at an altitude of 1,500 meters, breathtaking panoramas, dreamlike mountain lakes, flowering mountain meadows and outdoor experiences for every level of difficulty are waiting for you!

You have got the desire for an active vacation in the mountains, but still have questions? Then write us a mail or send us a message on Instagram! 🙂

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