Why we start a Travel and Lifestyle Blog

First things first: thank you so much for visiting our travel and lifestyle blog! We are Anni and Timo, a couple from Germany with passions for travel, health and a sustainable lifestyle. 

Our greatest goal is to live as sustainably as possible – in harmony with nature and the climate. In other words, we are against exploitation of any kind and want to do good to other people and animals. In order to live up to this claim, we constantly question our own actions and always try to improve ourselves. On the one hand we want to be a good example with our lifestyle. On the other hand, we also want to become active by encouraging the economy and politics to finally make a change towards sustainability.

That’s why we would like to share our thoughts and opinions on this travel and lifestyle blog with you.


  1. A unique combination of travel, health, sustainability
  2. stop climate change by achieving a sustainable and cruelty-free world system
  3. Do good, connect, respect, support and inspire

1. Unique combination

We have never seen the combination of travel, health and sustainability in a blog before. Nevertheless, we believe these topics fit together perfectly and therefore decided to write about them. 

Sustainable tourism

The overall income and living standards on earth are rising. Therefore more and more people can afford to travel the world.

Traveling is a great way to connect people, understand different cultures and helps to understand the world itself. These are great benefits and we think it is important that we start thinking more globally in order to consider the health of the entire planet.

Unfortunately, increased world tourism puts enormous stress on the environment and may affect the destruction of what itself depends. The major negative impacts of conventional tourism are damage to the landscape, waste and pollution.

Therefore, we want to appeal to the tourism industry to focus on health and sustainability aspects. In contrast to conventional tourism, sustainable tourism the concept of visiting places and make a positive impact on the local environment and simultaneously preserve the global environment.

A long-term healthy lifestyle – including fit traveling

Being healthy is essential for a joyful life and it should be easy as well as affordable to achieve! We studied Health and Sports Science at university and since then we can’t stop educating ourselves about nutrition and fitness.

After lots of research, we decided to change to a whole foods plant-based diet. Since our diet has a tremendous impact on our own health and on climate change at the same time, we believe it is inevitable for the planet that we eat more plants and less animal-sourced food.

How to escape and stay in shape?

While exploring the world, we experienced how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hence we decided to share how we stay fit while traveling and share the idea of active, plant-based holidays.

2. System change, not climate change

Climate justice is a global challenge. But in order to make a change, we should start to listen to the science. We (addressing the western world especially) also have to change our lifestyle, economics, and last but not least our politics.

This isn’t achieved in one or two days, but it is a process that needs acceleration because science tells us we’re running out of time. We want to contribute to this acceleration with our blog.

Whether its little things we can change as individuals or campaigning for large scale changes on economic and political levels – we need to understand the urgency of this global issue!

3. do good and inspire people

Actions speak louder than words!

But what if nobody knows about your actions?

We believe that acting and spreading a message in combination as the greatest power!

However, it is not about any of us being perfect, doing everything right or always having the right opinion. Rather, it is about growing together to meet daily challenges.

What to expect from this blog?

Here is a brief overview, what we will write about and what you can expect to find on this travel and lifestyle blog.


Our goal is to inspire you to travel sustainable, explore the world eco-friendly and thereby have a positive impact on nature, animals, cultures, and people.

What to expect from our adventure blog?

  • amazing travel guides for destinations in Southeast Asia and Europe (especially Bavaria, Germany and the Alps)
  • our best tips and hacks for traveling (budget, backpacking, sustainable tourism, etc.)
  • hotel, gear and other reviews


Fitness and sports is our passion because we believe that a healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness.

What to expect from our health blog?

  • inspiration for fitness and outdoor activities (hiking, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, acrobatics, etc.)
  • all information about the impact on health and environment of a whole foods plant-based diet
  • tips for a healthy nutrition


We strongly believe that sustainable tourism and an environmentally friendly, cruelty-free lifestyle are indispensable for natural prosperity in the future.

What to expect from our sustainability blog?

  • helpful information about sustainable tourism
  • we promote sustainable brands that make an effort to change our economic system by preserving the beauty of our planet

Now you know what to find on our website and we are super happy to have you here! If you have suggestions for a topic we should write about, we would be glad to hear from you!

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