Why we start a Travel and Lifestyle Blog

Thank you so much for visiting our lifestyle blog! We are Anni and Timo, a couple from Germany with a passion for traveling and a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

It is our biggest dream to create a world in which people think globally but act locally. Therefore we are on a never-ending journey to improve ourselves by implementing lifestyle changes towards responsible living.

This is why we sat down and decided to share our thoughts and opinions about these topics in this lifestyle blog.


  1. A unique combination of travel, sustainability, and health
  2. Doing good and inspire people
  3. Last but not least: some day, we would love to earn a living out of it

1. Unique combination

We have never seen the combination of travel, sustainability, and health in one blog before. Nevertheless, we believe these topics fit together perfectly and therefore decided to write about them. 


Sustainable tourism and healthy adventures

The overall income and living standards on earth are rising. Therefore more and more people can afford to go on holiday and travel the world.

In our adventure and lifestyle blog, we want to appeal to the tourism and event industry to focus more on health and sustainability-related issues.

A long-term healthy lifestyle including active but low impact holidays

Being healthy is essential for a joyful life but it should be easy and affordable to achieve! We will combine health with vacation and share the idea of active holidays.

We want to inspire and help people to achieve a lifestyle that is healthy in the long-term.

Sustainability first

Climate justice is a global challenge. But in order to make a change, it is not enough to vote green parties only. We (addressing the western world especially) also need to change our habits, values, and last but not least our lifestyle. This isn’t achieved in one or two days, but a long process with thousands of little and bigger steps towards less consumption and more sustainability.

Therefore we want to do everything we can, to minimize our ecological footprint without reducing the quality of life.

Changing old habits and adding completely new to our everyday life and holidays, will result in a better world for all of us.

2. We want to do good and inspire you

Actions speak louder than words!

But what if nobody knows about your actions?

We think the combination of acting and spreading still has the greatest power!

It’s not about being perfect, but about constant improvement.

In this lifestyle blog, we will write about things and actions that inspire and help us to achieve an exciting, healthy and sustainable life.

3. Earn a living with blogging

Yes, we would love to earn our living from blogging! We want to be completely transparent and honest to you and critical about ourselves.

Our focus won’t be on maximizing our income. We will only promote things and activities we truly believe in and meet our values. 

If you ever see a problem with a product or activity we haven’t seen or considered, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are very open to every opinion. 

What to expect from this blog?

Here is a brief summarize, what we will write about and what you can expect to find on this lifestyle blog.


Our goal is to inspire you to go on sustainable adventures, explore the world eco-friendly and thereby respect nature, animals, culture, and people.

What to expect from our adventure blog?

  • amazing travel guides for destinations in Southeast Asia and Europe
  • our best tips and hacks for traveling (budget, backpacking, sustainable tourism, etc.)
  • hotel, gear and other reviews


Health is our passion because we believe that a healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness.

What to expect from our health blog?

  • sports inspiration (hiking, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, acrobatics, etc.)
  • information about a whole foods plant-based diet
  • tips for a healthy nutrition
  • fitness guides


We strongly believe that a green lifestyle and sustainable tourism is indispensable in the future.

What to expect from our sustainability blog?

  • inspiration for sustainable living
  • helpful information about sustainable tourism

Now you know what to find on our website and we are super happy to have you here! If you have suggestions for a topic we should write about, we would be glad to hear from you!

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